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.005 per word


.003 per word

Developmental editing addresses the structure of the manuscript. We also look at stylistic or line editing, which involves clarity and flow. Wing Family Editing will always work diligently to preserve the author's voice, while making sure that sentence and paragraph structure are in place. We will also copyedit, which addresses grammar, usage and consistency issues.

Proofreading, or word-level editing, addresses punctuation, spelling, repeated words and typos. This service is recommended for manuscripts that have already gone through a professional edit.

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We offer a ten-page sample edit for $10.
Click the Pay-Pal link to pay the fee,
then click the Submit Sample button
to send us your ten pages.
If you hire Wing Family Editing 
for your project,
the fee will be deducted from your final bill.
If you choose not to hire us,
the fee is non-refundable.


















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