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J.C. Wing worked for A & H Publishing, a privately owned publishing company specializing in the disability community. She was a frequent photographer as well as column writer for the magazine. She worked with Quark publishing software to layout the contents of Disability Life, a nationally distributed magazine, and acted as assistant editor for the publication.


Later, J.C. served as a homeschooling resource for Kids 411, a magazine geared toward families in the Douglas County area of Parker and Castle Rock, Colorado. She wrote monthly articles about homeschooling based on her own long term experience on the subject, and did much research about different homeschooling programs and opportunities in the area. She also served as an editor and proofreader for other writers on staff.


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J.C. homeschooled her two children for fifteen years. She organized and taught writing workshops within the homeschool community of Wake County in Cary, North Carolina. She worked with kids between the ages of 7 -12, teaching them creative writing and poetry.


J.C. worked as a freelance editor and proofreader working with authors, book designers and marketing specialists for Booktrope Publishing.


J.C. is an author and has published fourteen novels since 2012. She studied English and literature at Front Range Community College in Colorado, and children's literature at The Institute of Children's Literature in Connecticut.

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